Medium Bowl Buddy - Green

Medium Bowl Buddy - Green

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How many times have you heated soup in the microwave only to struggle getting it out without burning your fingers or hands?  This soup bowl size buddy will give you something to hold onto that's not hot in order to remove the bowl from the microwave.  Simply place your bowl of soup on the buddy, place buddy and bowl in the microwave; heat then remove using the buddy.

Bowl buddies or cozies come in 4 sizes to fit various bowls and plates.  They are handmade with 100% cotton fabric and use Wrap n Zap as an insulating inner layer.  Wrap n Zap is a product designed specifically for use in the microwave.    

Bowl buddies are available in multiple fabric patterns.  If you don't see one that will work for you, contact me with what you'd like and I'll try to find it.

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